Sonntag , 25 Juni 2017

Ausstellung „Helena Shin Dashtgol“ im Iran-Haus | 03. bis 17. März 2017

Vom 03. bis 17. März 2017 können die Werke der iranischen Künstlerin und Kunstforscherin HELENA SHIN DASHTGOL im Iran Haus in der Drakestraße 03, 12205 Berlin gesehen werden. Die Ausstellung zeigt ausgewählte Werke der Künstlerin.

Helena Shin Dashtgol nahm in Januar 2017 als einzige Künstlerin aus Iran an der KÜNSTLERMESSE DRESDEN teil konnte mit ihren Arbeiten das Publikum überzeugen. Die Kunstwerke können direkt erworben werden.


3. März 2017, 17-19 Uhr

Iran-Haus, Drakestr. 3, 12205 Berlin


3. – 17. März 2017, Mo-Fr | 10-15 Uhr

Iran-Haus, Drakestr. 3, 12205 Berlin


Helena Shin Dashtgol

Painter & Researcher
Born in 1973, Tehran, Iran.

2001_2 M.A. in painting, from Al_zahra University, Faculty of Art, Tehran,

2001-2016, Member of Iranian Painters Societynt Member of Iranian painters society,

2005, Published „Book of painting“,(Naqqashi’Name);

Research Interests

-Strong Things in Persian Painting.
-The good and The evil in The ancient iranian art.

-The Ascension of Prophet Mohammad in Persian painting (from Ilkhanid to Qajar era).
-Strong Things in The Iran’s art and culture.

2000-2016: Puplished some essays in The Iranian professional books and Magazines in art,about „IRAN’S ART, Shahnama paintings and Islamic culture & tales“
Some Articles
2000. The Devil Manifestations in Iran’s Folkloric Art
2001. The Effect of the Celestial on Iran’s Mythology
2001. Angels in Persian Painting
2002. Rudaba’s maids meeting with Zal
2002. Ceramic plate with a Zodiacal design from Iran
2003. Water’s Face
2003. Pictorial reflection of woman in Islamic narration and Shah-name
2004. The presentation of Phoenix in Iranian Islamic art
2004. An Examination of the manuscript Mirhehdar’s Mirajnama
2005. The handwritten illustrated Version of the „Thousands and One Nights“ attributed to the Nasserid

2006 . The pictures of the Ascension of holly Prophet Mohammad from Khamsah-yi Nizami


معراج نگاری نسخه های خطی تا نقاشی های مردمی با نگاهی بر پیکرنگاری حضرت محمد( ص ) 1389 انتشارات علمی و فرهنگی

Teaching (2003-2016)
Artistic Methods at the university and the Academic Functional Collages, Tehran
The historical of Qaner Analysis in Iranian Painting, The Bases of The visual arts, Methodology

Individual Exhibition:

  1. Painting Exhibition,“Meeting with Phoenix“,Arzhang art gallery,Tehran;
  2. Painting Exhabition,“The years of change“,Mehrin art gallery,Tehran.
  3. Painting Exhibition,” nimtanehaye gourestani”‿Mehrin art gallery.Tehran.
  4. Painting Exhabition, “ painting Reading”, 26 art gallery,

She has participating in more than 45 group painting Exhibitions:

Group Exhibitions in Iran and abroad (more than 40):

  1. Amir Kabir art gallery, Tehran
  2. Khaneye Soureh, (young group), Tehran
  3. Khaneye Soureh, Isfahan
  4. „Cultral Heritage Week“, Sad-Abad Cultural Heritage Museum, Tehran
  5. Khaneye Soureh, Tehran
  6. Third Iranian Painting Biennale, Tehran
  7. Shohada Museum, „Ashoura“, Tehran
  8. Shohada Museum, „17 Shahrivar“, Tehran
  9. Manifestation of Feeling Exhibition, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
  10. painting Exhibition, „woman’s week“, Romania, Bucharest

1996.“jamshidieh & Behzad“ Art Gallery, Tehran

  1. Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran
  2. Khavaran Cultural Center (War’s Week), Tehran
  3. Bahman Cultural Center, „Expectation“, Tehran
  4. Daryabeigi Art Gallery, Tehran
  5. Iranian Export Promotion Center, International Trade Fare, Tehran
  6. Laleh Art Gallery, Tehran
  7. 1st International Biennale Exhibition of Plastic Art of Muslim Students, Tehran Art Aallery, University of Tehran
  8. Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
  9. Painting Exhibition, „New Experiences“ Art Artists House, Tehran
  10. painting Exhibition, „Iran’s Women Artists“, Beirut
  11. Khavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
  12. Member of Iranian Painters‘ Society, Artist House Gallery, Tehran
  13. Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
  14. Art Cultural Center (Support of Bam), Arasbaran, Tehran
  15. Member of Iranian Painters Society, Artists House, Tehran
  16. Group Exhibition (Member of Iranian painter society), Art Cultural Center, Arasbaran, Tehran
  17. Member of Iranian Painters Society, Artists House, Tehran
  18. Saba Culture House, Tehran
  19. Member of Iranian painters Society, Mehrin Art Gallery, Tehran
  20. Momayez Art Gallery, Artists Iranian House, Tehran
  21. Momayez Art Gallery, Artists Iranian House, Tehran
  22. Painting Exhibition/ Water Color/ Mehrin ART Gallery/Artists Iranian house, Tehran
  23. Contemporary Museum,Member of Iranian painter society,  Esfahan, Iran
  1. Member of Iranian Painters Society, Artists House, Tehran
  2. The Middle East Art Gallery, Tehran
  4. Member of Iranian Painters Society, Artists House, Tehran
  5. Mehrin Gallery, Tehran
  6. Aria Gallery, Tehran

2015 Abtin Gallery, Tehran

2015  Member of Iranian Painters Society, Artists House, Tehran

2016  Bahman Cultural Center, Tehran  /

P O Box:  Tehran Iran 14515/1483

Helena  Shin Dashtgol